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Cosmic Eliminator  The Quest

Follow the hero Ceua, as he goes through life gaining extraordinary power, learns the true meaning of his name and is exposed to the secrets of the universe.  Ceua goes on a quest in search of knowledge, achieves fantastic success and meets his princess.  The quest takes him from Earth, out into space where he completes his quest, only to find new quests await in the continuing search for knowledge.  This novel contains imaginative concepts, facts, and fiction as Ceua overcomes obstacles in his life.  Please join Ceua on his quest and consider this fiction novel as food for thought.  The novel is from Ceua’s omnipresent viewpoint.  The author is sure you will enjoy it.   People with technical backgrounds will find this novel unique.   The author will never admit to what is fiction, imagination, sheer fantasy, or to what may be fact. A futuristic planet Earth is the story setting. Planet conditions are the same as Earth’s current twenty-first-century environment. The story uses this setting. Basic environmental facts change slightly to fit the story settings. There is murder, romance, and intrigue in the novel. Ceua or Cosmic Eliminator Unanimous Anonymous is the main character.  Order it now.


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